At age 17, I dove into the world of interpreting by volunteering my time to help Deaf friends communicate with others. My passion for finding meaning in people's expressions (both deaf and hearing) led me to work both in private practice and as a staff interpreter, to mentor students and colleagues, and to engage in ongoing training and dialogue for my own professional development.

Today, I aim to bring four decades of knowledge, experience, and skill to my interpreting work. As a coach or mentor, I follow a dialogic path to working with others. Formerly from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, DC, and Maryland, and most recently Vacaville, California, I now live in Hawaii on the big island with my husband Jeffery Labadie-Mendes. Living so far from so many interpreters, I have come to appreciate the need for support of remote and isolated interpreters wanting to be the best that they can be. Consider online coaching as a way to get the support you need to provide quality interpreting services. I'm happy to negotiate a contract with your employer (school districts encouraged to provide professional development opportunities for their interpreters).

I've long been involved in some level in the local Affiliate Chapters of RID. I recently served in the capacity of President for SaVRID (while also taking on the role of webmaster) in the greater Sacramento area. Previously I served as President, Vice President, Webmaster, and Membership Coordinator for PCRID in the DC area. And long before then, I was involved in RIRID and MassRID in various capacities. While in RI, I served a term on the Licensure Board as we implemented rules for governing licensure. For several years prior to that, I compiled an annual statistical analysis of the MassRID membership.