Interpreting Services

If you need an interpreter, I am sometimes available. I live between San Diego, CA, and Hawaii on the big island. My preference is to work locally. However, if you have a multi-day conference or training elsewhere, I may be available to travel if you are providing accommodations or reimbursement for travel expenses. All things are negotiable.

Simply fill out the request form. If I'm available, I may contact you for additional information or with recommendations for a team if necessarty.


Request for Interpreting Services

Information about you, the one making the request.

The information below should lead me back to you, so I can respond to your request.

Confidentiality and HIPAA

Information in this next section should be specific but should not reveal the identity of the deaf patient. The purpose of this form is to determine if I will be able to accommodate the request. If I cannot, I really should not be privvy to patient information.

So please limit the information you share in this request form to what is being asked.